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Handijaya Service Honda Sunter| General repair honda | Sauber Paint protection | Perfections window

Quick Service & General Repair
Through these years Honda has been improving significantly in the use of high technology and also in producing well trained mechanics.  High technology has helped us in detecting and fixing problems by using computerized systemand allowing us to serve customer faster for our “Quick Service” customer (sechedule maintenance customers).  Our Service Advisor (SA) always be at your servicefor estimating and fixing general repair. Minor repairs can be fixed by just calling us, and our mechanics will be on the way to your place with ‘Honda Service Car’.

"HAPPY SUNDAY OFFER " - DISCOUNT!!! 15 % Service & 5% Parts.

Body Paint & Repair
Honda Sunter’s body paint is equipped with all the equipments and skilled workers to fix your car as new.  We are equiped by 2 (two) spray booth oven and Spies Hecker as our paint supplier.  Come to our workshop and we will assist you in filling your insurance claim form and scheduling when your car will be repaired.

Associate Insurance Companies :

"Mitsui Sumitomo"  "AXA Indonesia"  "Mitra Maparya"  "Raksa Pratikara"  "Adira Dinamika"  "Pan Pasific"  "Artarindo"   "Buana  Independent"  "Tokio Marine"  "China Indonesia"  "Raya"  "MAA"  "Sonwelis"

Honda Genuine Part
Honda Sunter provides all Honda genuine parts to general customers and part shops.  Any Honda parts you need that are in our stock will be ready on the day you order them.  Parts that are not in our stock will be ready in 3 (three) working days. Please contact our Parts Manager, Ali Rachman for more information.

Sauber Paint Protection
SAUBER is the car salon that offers paint protection for your car’s enhancement or long term preservation.  SAUBER offers professionals who are the expert ini cleaning and preserving the interior and exterior details of your car. 

SAUBER’s paint protection not only brings back the shine of your car, but also gives a new coating that will absorb and fully coat the whole car.  SAUBER can increase the car paint’s shine by 40% on used cares and 20% for a brand new car.  SAUBER can protect your car against all the “dulling” factors because it is able to reflect most of the UV sunlight, cover the pores in car surface, prevent paint cracking that causes rust in your car, and makes fine scratches disappear.

Windows Tinting
“MASTERPIECE” window film is the answer to protect us from the ‘Hole’ in the ozone layer.  With 9 layers technology and ‘sputtered technology’ MASTERPIECE gives maximum protection from the sun and produces high quality window film with 7 years of waranty.  MASTERPIECE uses the best technology from the JAPAN  that gives protection up to 99% Ultra Violet Reduction and 99% Infra Red Rejection.